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UK manufacturing contributes more to the national economy than the sum of its parts, according to an annual ...


Academics at Birmingham City University have formed a collaborative initiative with Dudley-based Excelsior ...


The government has announced £780m in funding for research and development in UK manufacturing.


​Find out how the London EV Company is using Epicor ERP at its state of the art factory​ by watching the ...

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Quality Time

Quality should be front and centre of every manufacturer’s operations, according to a new survey of industrial leaders. However, as Sam Bailey, sales and marketing director of Miele UK tells MM, they must also concern ...

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People Power

A focus on lean manufacturing and employee engagement has seen Oxford manufacturer Crowcon increase output and reduce costs

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The Wealth of Health

A focus on employee wellbeing could improve national productivity by as much as 10%, according to a new report. But the stigma surrounding mental health in manufacturing must be broken down first


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