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Acoustic stone wool ceiling and wall products supplier Rockfon has awarded a new warehousing and distribution ...


Cheadle-based industrial IT provider SolutionsPT has bolstered its senior product team with a new appointment ...


Phase one of Aston Martin’s new manufacturing facility at St Athan in Wales is now complete.


UK awarding organisation for engineering skills, EAL, has launched a UK Level 3 vocational qualification in ...

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Protecting the planet

Tackling waste pollution has hit the headlines recently. Industry may not immediately seem green, but many manufacturers are helping nature and the environment


Is it finally time for automation?

Machine learning and a fully automated manufacturing process has been touted as the ‘next big thing’ for many years. At long last, however, that may be about to change, as Stratus Technologies’ John Fryer tells ...


Taking the driver out of the factory

In the 1993 science fiction film, Jurassic Park, visitors could take a tour in an autonomous Ford Explorer that used tracks on the ground to navigate. This was a good prediction of future technological advancements, but ...


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