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A software company specialising in AI-powered maintenance solutions for aerospace is flying high after taking ...


Forterra Building Products Limited has been fined after a worker had his left arm amputated and was left ...


Britain’s manufacturers are calling for the current health & safety landscape to be maintained when the UK ...


Following a judging day on Thursday 11 October at Broadway House, headquarters of EEF, the manufacturers’ ...

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Are you ready for Euro-Stage V?

Emission standards for diesel forklift trucks are about to get a lot stricter and, for the first time, LPG trucks are affected too. What are the implications for buyers planning their future strategic fleet purchases? ...

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The Wealth of Health

A focus on employee wellbeing could improve national productivity by as much as 10%, according to a new report. But the stigma surrounding mental health in manufacturing must be broken down first

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Pollution Matters

Waste and air pollution is still dominating headlines. What are companies across the globe doing to stem the problem that could inspire UK manufacturers?


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