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Frontstep to keeps the meters running at Ampy

Peterborough-based Ampy Automation Digilog, the UK’s largest electricity meter supplier which has 75% of the country’s market, is due to go live with £200,000 worth of ERP software upgrade from US developer Frontstep ...

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3D CAD modelling still failing to hit the button

Just over half (51%) of the sites in the UK’s mechanical engineering sector that have CAD are using 3D software, up 1% on last year. And although more companies are indicating their intention to move over to 3D from 2D ...

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CAD/CAM gives toolmaker 10 times faster production

“Electrode manufacture is now 10 times faster than it used to be,” says Sid Ramshaw, md for Newton-Aycliffe-based toolmaker D&S Moulds. “With PowerShape [hybrid modelling software] we can now define even the most ...


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