Employment Law: May 2018

This month, our employment law specialist investigates a grievance over the amount of work done by an intern on work experience, returning to work after an injury against the company’s wishes, and a reduction in holiday ...


The future of collaboration

Sawyer completes jobs quickly and accurately, works safely alongside co-workers and is an integral part of the workforce. However, Sawyer is not your average employee — he is a robot. Here, Jonathan Wilkins, marketing ...


Crafting the future

Industry is facing many challenges, including a skills shortage, Brexit uncertainty and Industry 4.0 implementation. Manufacturing Management visited two businesses within the UK’s craft sector to find out how they are ...


In a flap

In February, the #KFCCrisis made news across the globe. What went wrong, and what lessons can manufacturers learn from the catastrophic breakdown of the firm’s supply chain?


The future of lean

As automation and Industry 4.0 become increasingly mainstream, is there still a place for ‘traditional’ lean manufacturing methods?


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